From Zero to IT Hero!
Learn how to change your career and start working in IT,
regardless of age and experience.

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What you'll learn in this webinar:
  • 1
    Can one shift to IT without previous experience?
  • 2
    What are the benefits of working in IT?
  • 3
    What are IT study opportunities? Why not university?
  • 4
    How to overcome fears and worries related to changing your career
  • 5
    How hard is it to find a job after finishing an online course?
  • 6
    Why do software development companies hire junior employees?
  • 7
    What jobs do they hire for and what's expected?
  • 8
    How does Wisercat CEO see IT's future and the crisis's impact on jobs?
  • 9
    Why are people hired? What skills and attitude are needed in IT?
  • 10
    Wisercat CEO's tips on kick-starting an IT career.
  • 11
    Lessons from Cerebrum Hub Alumni on beginning an IT career.
  • 12
    What does a job in a leading logistics company's IT department look like?
  • 13
    Answering your questions - understand the challenges of switching to IT.
Who is the webinar for?
  • -1-
    Individuals discontented with their current job and are looking for opportunities in life to transition their careers.
  • -2-
    Prospective Pioneers
    People who are looking for a potential career in IT and are curious about the sector's insights and possibilities.
  • -3-
    Digital Job Hunters
    Individuals in the hunt for IT jobs, seeking to understand the expectations and practical teachings from employers.
Webinar hosts
Mehis Sihvart
CEO of Wisercat
Mehis has been a key player in the e-Estonia IT landscape since the year 2000. He contributed to the development of the Estonian digital government, and under his stewardship, RIK executed digital transformation projects such as the fully digital Land Register, Business Register, and eFile project - the backbone of the justice field.

He currently manages Wisercat, one of Estonia's leading software development houses. Wisercat aids with the software development and digital transformation of companies like Westernacher Consulting, ABBYY, SAP, Ericsson, Synchronoss, the Estonian Government, Elering, Revolut, Jingle Pay, and others.
Astra Türk
Cerebrum Hub alumni and Junior Business Analyst at Kühne & Nagel.
Astra served in the Ministry of Justice for nearly 16 years, holding various positions and beginning in 2007 by assisting the Secretary-General. At the start of 2020, while on maternity leave with her fourth child, she decided to reboot her career and delve into the IT world. After completing the 4-month program at Cerebrum Hub, she secured a position at Kühne&Nagel, one of Europe's leading logistics companies.
Andres Gavriljuk
CEO of Cerebrum Hub
Andres has been active in the IT industry since 2013. He managed extensive IT software development projects for organizations like Omniva, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, KredEx, and Edisoft. Over the past 5 years, Andres led his own software development companies, creating IT solutions for the banking, logistics, and government sectors.

He co-founded Cerebrum Hub because of his constant need for excellent employees and his desire to make practical, hands-on education accessible to everyone.
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This webinar is for you!
If you've ever felt discontent with your job, if you aspire to be a sought-after specialist, earn a good salary, and have the option to work remotely, then IT is the field for you.

And if you're unsure about where to start, how to smoothly transition from your current job to IT, and quickly become a sought-after specialist, then this webinar is definitely for you.

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