3 alarming things you must know before taking an IT course!

The post-pandemic world, uncertainty about the future, and upcoming industrial switch are making us think about changing our careers into something more perspective. IT seems to be a good choice for many reasons - it is a fast-growing, well-paid, and attractive industry. People have an opportunity to work remotely, but there is always a lack of professionals and yadda yadda yadda.

And market offers a lot of opportunities to study IT professions. Offers are different, and the price range is diverse. So, how to choose a good course and ensure you won't be fooled? We prepared three points to check before you join your course.
It's impossible to learn coding, project management, or testing in 1-2 weeks (even 1-2 months isn't enough). To learn a new specialization, you need to spend at least 100-200 hours before you can do tasks for some entry-level position. For more difficult positions it is at least 300-400 hours of active practical learning.
1. The content is rich enough
2. The course is based on real-life projects
Practice is the key to learning effectively.

Imagine a dentist who knows everything in theory but never tried to treat a tooth. Want to be patient with him? We don't either. :) You cannot learn how to do an honest job without practising and seeing real-life situations.
3. Teamwork is an essential part of the program
Every job in IT is always done in teams. One of the reasons why juniors struggle to find a job in IT is because they don't have any experience working in teams.

Employers expect you to have collaboration and teamwork skills when you apply for a job. Ensure, that the course you’re going to join includes teamwork and gives you the necessary skills, such as communication, active cooperation and listening and even agile teamwork practices.
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