The future of reskilling
Our goal is to create a superior alternative to a traditional university and corporate training, empowering individuals to attain their dream careers. To accomplish this, we offer specialised programs for in-demand roles in the IT industry, with a focus on delivering high-quality education.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for anyone to achieve their desired job and support tech companies by supplying competent and well-trained junior specialists
Core team
Andres Gavriljuk
Margo Loor
Jegor Laptev
Vladimir Niinimäki
Jegor Karasjov
Ilya Zaitsev
Skilled in managing remote teams, logistics automation, and financial technology solutions. Proven success in project management and implementation of complex IT systems.
Training management system creator, 16+ years of experience as Lead consultant-trainer at SpeakSmart, Co-Founder at Trainable.
Responsible for customer needs, market analysis, product vision and strategy, stakeholder alignment, and performance improvement.
Focus on strategy, partnerships, market research, brand awareness, and corporate culture. Skilled in project management and cross-functional collaboration. Background in teaching.
Responsible for leading and managing sales team, driving revenue growth and meeting sales goals. Skills: Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Sales & Marketing, Communication.
Skilled in creative content creation, campaign implementation, and growth strategy development. Experienced in managing and growing brand presence across multiple platforms.
Co-Founder, CEO
Co-Founder, Chief Learning Officer
Co-Founder, Product Owner
Head of Marketing
Head of Sales
Co-Founder, CEO
Co-Founder, Product Owner
Head of Sales
Co-Founder, Chief Learning Officer
co-founder, Head of Marketing
head of Marketing
EAS and European Regional Development Fund Support
Cerebrum Hub has received a 34,545.00 EUR grant from EAS and the European Regional Development Fund to develop an AI-powered assistant for our educational program.

The project's main goal is to develop and integrate an AI chatbot into our learning environment, enhancing personalized feedback and reducing instructor workload. The project successfully delivered the initial version of the AI assistant, offering customized support and immediate feedback to learners.

This innovative solution represents a significant step in making personalized learning more accessible to adults.