Where to find time for learning and starting a new career.
Guide for working adults
Starting a new career or changing your occupation is time-consuming and complicated. Especially if you are a working adult with numerous amount of existing obligations. This article explains how to fit learning into your life absolutely painless and avoid screwing up the rest of your life.
A simple but powerful rule is to have only one life project simultaneously. If you want to restart your career and learn painting and play piano at once, you better focus and pick one. You can always learn something else later, but if you lack time for one, you will definitely fail to find time for three.
1. Focus - One project per time.

2. Prioritize - First things first.

Set a clear goal for yourself and write down why you want to change your career.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How will you feel when you get it?
  • Can you find 30 minutes daily to invest time in achieving those dreams?

What makes learning hard is that Netflix is always a click away. Many people are extraordinarily busy but still, find time to spend hours scrolling feeds or playing on their phones. This isn’t to judge, but simply to note that finding time doesn’t help if the problem is fundamental and it is too effortful to begin learning.
Focus the attention on your goal, and remember that you and your decisions are shaping your life.

3. Simplify - make it frictionless.

If your time is limited, your learning should be as easy as possible. The only exception is that you don’t have to eliminate the practice needed to shape your skill and start a new career in a reasonable amount of time.
You can only achieve it if you have a clear roadmap and your environment is prepared.

  • Choose a specific role or occupation.
  • Find and list all the prerequisites you need to obtain to start working on a new role.
  • Find and collect in one place all necessary materials, books, environments, etc., so that you can easily access them at any time.
  • Set a specific time you’ll spend every day on achieving your goal (for example, every day from 20:00-20:30).
  • Ensure you have all necessary preconditions for practicing your new skills (coding environment, simple projects, boot camps, etc.).
  • Be passionate about your final goal.

Ultimately, finding time for learning new things and changing your occupation is a question of motivation. I don’t think you can start a new career because you just want to escape from some challenges in your current job. Instead, the motivation to perform comes from something that excites you — the idea of having a more inspiring job, great colleagues, numerous growth opportunities, or better income.

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