5 critical things an employer expects you to have when starting your first job in IT
Many working adults want to restart their life and start a career in IT but are struggling to find their first job. We decided to build this checklist to provide you with a practical guideline.

There are several critical skills and competencies you need to have to successfully find a first job in the IT sector. By obtaining them, you significantly increase the chance of finding a great first job and reduce the time and energy required for a job search. The good news is that all of these skills are learnable!

You need to obtain practical skills and competencies to work in a specific entry-level position - such as Software Tester, Support specialist, or Junior Project manager. Many people hope to find their first job with very general knowledge about the IT industry, hoping to learn the necessary skills in the first job.

It is possible, but having a specific specialization and skills needed to perform a job, significantly increases your chances of finding a job.
Learn what skills Software Tester needs to have here.

1. Specific skills and competencies or specialization
2. Soft skills
In today’s world, soft skills such as communication, teamwork, analytical thinking, and self-management are becoming more critical. It is especially true for the IT industry. The majority of the work here is done by teams.

Capability to show previous teamwork experience and understanding of the agile processes significantly increases your attractiveness to a potential employer.

3. Practical experience
Nothing matters more than the ability to show that you have practical experience and knowledge of the job for which you’re applying to. This is the best guarantee for the employer that you can perform your tasks and produce results.

Use any opportunity to get practical experience - apply for the Internship, do freelance projects or participate in practice-based reskilling programs.

4. Passion and motivation
  • Why did you decide to choose the IT industry?
  • What motivates you to wake up every morning and perform your tasks?
  • Why are you passionate about learning new industries and growing as a part of your company?

Everyone like people with shining eyes and passion for what they are doing. Showing that you love what you do and being able to explain your motivation is the best recipe for finding an inspiring job.

  • Are you open to learning about their company services and products?
  • Do you know why the industry they work in is the best fit for you?
  • Have you aligned your salary expectations with your skills and knowledge?

Being open to learning new things and showing you know what you want to do. Having clear expectations is the best way to successfully pass an interview. Ensure that you comprehend why you are doing what you’re doing and set clear expectations. We guarantee that results will not wait to come.

5. Openness and clarity
Starting a career in the IT industry is not easy, especially if you’re a working adult with limited time and many obligations.

Here in Cererbum Hub, we designed a unique reskilling program. It allows any working adult to start a career in IT in just 6 months and ensure that you meet your employer’s expectations. All the learning process is organized based on real-life projects to ensure that you’ll have the necessary technical and soft skills.

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